ThriveDesk has three distinct user roles, including Account Owner, Administrators and Users.

Here, we'll go through the basics of each position, their respective default permissions, and how to modify either permissions or roles.

Default User Roles & Permissions

These are the default settings for permissions in ThriveDesk.

Account Owner

The Account Owner has complete access to the ThriveDesk account. Only the Account Owner may edit the ThriveDesk plan or see and modify the billing information, and only the Account Owner can adjust the Administrator role's rights. Each ThriveDesk account has only one Account Owner, and by default, the person who created the account is the Account Owner.


Administrators have access to all information except billing data. Administrators only has access to Inboxes as specified by Account owner. Administrators are able to read, but not modify, the specifics of your plan.


A User only has access to the specified Inboxes. A User can view all communications in a Inbox to which they have access, but cannot modify the Inbox settings. They have permission to create and update articles on specified Docs sites, but cannot modify the site's settings. In addition, Users cannot create additional Users or see User profiles.