Autonami is a powerful and lightweight CRM plugin for WordPress. Autonami offers you meaningful insights into every customer's buying behavior, rich contact profile, powerful segmentation and targeting broadcast all-in-one place.

The ThriveDesk app instantly sync contacts to their Autonami CRM profile. You can see the lists or tag they are subscribed to inside ThriveDesk and their ticket history in Autonami CRM. Here's a snapshot of what it looks like in ThriveDesk:

Step 1: Login to ThriveDesk

  • Log into your ThriveDesk account and switch to the workspace you want to install Autonami app.
  • Click the App Store menu from left sidebar.
  • Search for Autonami and click Install App button.

Step 2: Install ThriveDesk WordPress plugin

ThriveDesk plugin installation and activation screen
ThriveDesk plugin installation and activation screen
  • Log into your WordPress site where Autonami is installed.
  • Go to Plugins > Add Plugins and search for ThriveDesk.
  • Install and activate the plugin.
  • Go to Settings > ThriveDesk page and click the Autonami's Connect button.
  • You'll redirect back to ThriveDesk and you'll see the connection information window.

Step 3: Update the information

  • Label: Label each app instance  to easily distinguish them within the ThriveDesk sidebar.
  • Inboxes: Select mailboxes where this app will be use for. You can select multiple mailboxes.

Now, whenever you receive an email to your inbox, ThriveDesk will automatically check to see if the sender’s email address is subscribed to any of your lists. If not, it automatically add to your selected list.

From Autonami contacts you can see each individual contact's ticket history and their ticket status. 

Autonami CRM sync with ThriveDesk
Autonami CRM sync with ThriveDesk

Go to Autonami > contacts and click on a contact name/email. You'll see a support tab where all his ThriveDesk tickets are listed and that sync real time.