Pabbly Connect enables anyone (marketing, support, legal, HR, ops, product, etc...) to easily connect multiple web apps together to automate tasks, without writing code.

With the ThriveDesk's Pabbly connect integration, you can integrate ThriveDesk with over 800+ different apps and the possibilities are endless:

  • SMS alerts or push notifications for new ThriveDesk tickets.
  • Create JIRA issues, Trello cards or Airtable rows from ThriveDesk tickets.
  • Create Salesforce cases from ThriveDesk tickets.
  • Create Basecamp or Asana to-dos from ThriveDesk tickets.
  • Create Github issues from ThriveDesk tickets.
  • Send notification to Discord channel form ThriveDesk tickets.
  • Create lead on your CRM from ThriveDesk tickets.
  • and many, many more...

The process for setting up the integration is simple:

Step 1: Pabbly Webhook trigger

  1. Login to Pabbly connect and create a new workflow.
  2. Choose 'Webhook by Pabbly' from app list 
  3. Copy the webhook URL
Pabbly connect webhook trigger
Pabbly connect webhook trigger

Step 2: ThriveDesk Webhook setup

  1. Login to ThriveDesk and go to App Store.
  2. Select Webhook app and click install button
  3. Give your Webhook a name, random secret key and use Pabbly webhook URL in Callback URL field.
  4. Select events where you want to trigger the webhook.
  5. Select Inboxes where this wehook will work.
  6. Press save to continue.
ThriveDesk webhook settings
ThriveDesk webhook settings

Step 3: Test Wehbook response

Depending on your wehbook events, you'll see a response like this on your Pabbly workflow settings.

Pabbly webhook response
Pabbly webhook response

Step 4: Pabbly Webhook action

From their 1000+ action listed choose any depending your workflow. Here is a sample of Discord action, when new ticket created on ThriveDesk it'll notify to a Discord channel 👇

Pabbly webhook action
Pabbly webhook action

Map the webhook response in your Message body and use however you want. 

That’s it! You’re connected and ready to use Pabbly automation!