In this article, we will see two things one How to set up ThriveDesk mailbox and  How to connect your business e-mail address into your ThriveDesk Inbox and start receiving email into the mailbox!

How to setup ThriveDesk Mailbox

Well if you are creating it for the first time, no worries we got you covered on the Onboarding Procedure which starts right after you enter your ThriveDesk account after Registration.

Creating Shared Inbox at the time of Getting Started/Onboarding

Step 1

The first thing you will see is a page that looks like the below image where you will need to click on Create Mailbox.

Step 2

Then you will be required to enter the name of the Shared Inbox, note that the name you have entered is for your reference, the customer will not know the name.

Step 3

Once you are done giving a name to your Shared Inbox, a success message will pop up with an invitation to go to Inbox Settings **which will then ask for Inbox Email Address (this is the email address that will be used for receiving queries and sending replies).

Step 4

Once you have entered the desired email address with your unique domain name, a verification email will be sent to your inbox.

Copy the verification code and paste it here, picture below:

Congratulations! you’r Shared Inbox has been created. HOWEVER, its not functional unless you set the email forwarder and complete the connection between your email and the Shared Inbox. 

Thats why look for the below procedure to complete the basic setup and start receiving emails.

How to connect ThriveDesk mailbox and start receiving emails 

P.S: You'll need to set up forwarding or redirection from your email provider to receive emails into ThriveDesk if you would like to use your own unique email address with ThriveDesk. You'll forward or redirect the email to the ThriveDesk email address you made when creating the mailbox, for example,

STEP 1: Click on the “Profile Photo Icon” down below on the left and then click on “Settings”.

STEP 2: Click on “Inboxes” and choose the inbox which you would like to connect and click on “Manage”.

STEP 3: Set an Email Forwarder with ThriveDesk email address, for an EXAMPLE in this case I would copy the email address given to me under the heading “Inbox Address” and go to my email service provider or cPanel and set a forwarder from the email address mentioned under the Connected Email Address:

Step 4: Once the email forwarder is set ****Click on the ‘Verify Forwarder’ button marked red in the screenshot to check whether the email forwarder is working or not.

If the forwarder is working then you shall receive an email that confirms that the email forwarder is working and now you are receiving all the emails sent to your own domain based email directly into the ThriveDesk “Shared Inbox”.

Once you have successfully connected your ThriveDesk account and are receiving emails alright, the next thing you need to do is to ensure that when you are replying, the customers are receiving your reply from your domain based email address, which is covered in the topic Adding DNS Records check it out there.