This guide is for beginners who want to get familiar with ThriveDesk and its essential features, such as setting up mailboxes, live chat assistant, automations, and customizing your account.

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Setup your Mailbox

You can access any shared mailboxes that you have permission to use when you sign in to your ThriveDesk account. 

Each ThriveDesk mailbox is equipped with its unique email address, which can be readily employed. If you already have an email address that people use to send you an email, you can set that up inside ThriveDesk. Watch this video to learn how:

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Organize your Mailbox

Managing tags

Using tags to categorize conversations is the optimal method for identifying patterns, conducting future analysis, or assigning the conversation to the appropriate team member.

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is like having a helpful assistant in customer support. It simplifies tasks, meets deadlines, and keeps everything organized. By automating processes, it saves time and makes sure customers get quick responses. This boosts efficiency and keeps customers happy. 

Canned responses

Canned responses streamline repetitive FAQs, saving you from repeatedly typing the same answers and maintaining a pleasant tone.

Add Live Chat Assistant

The Assistant enables you to engage with your customers directly within your application or website – a feature you're likely familiar with! There are multiple methods available for installing the Assistant, and although it's a relatively swift process, it does require access to your codebase or integration through tools like Google Tag Manager.

Watch this video to learn more about Assistant:

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Connect your apps to ThriveDesk

Connect ThriveDesk with your other tools to make the most of the information you already have, and achieve better results.

Check out our app store for more options, and you can even create your own apps to improve your team's work.

Invite Teammate

Whether you're sharing setup steps, inviting your support team, or getting Marketing or Sales more involved in the customer's experience, you can securely invite them. 

Follow these step-by-step instructions to learn how to:

  • Create new users
  • Manage users profiles, permissions and settings
  • Delete users
  • Change passwords

Notification Settings

The most important thing you should do after setting up your mailbox and live chat is to set up notifications. You and your team could be a support powerhouse with proper notifications settings. Learn more about:

Setup Knowledge Base

With Knowledge Base(also referred to as a Help Center) you can create and retain articles designed to address your customers' most common queries. It consolidates all your help resources into a single location accessible to both your customers and your team.

To discover how to establish your Knowledge Base in ThriveDesk, we encourage you to watch this informative video.

Key Resources

We put in a lot of effort to ensure that ThriveDesk is not only effective for you and your customers but also user-friendly and enjoyable. During your onboarding process, We'll be sending you messages to assist you in getting everything set up. However, if you ever encounter any challenges, you'll find various resources available to help you maximize your ThriveDesk experience, tailored to your specific situation and needs.

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