Wix lets you make beautiful websites to show off your business by just dragging and dropping. Assistant is a help widget that lets you add on-demand Docs, chat, and an email contact form to your Wix site.

If you built and host your website on Wix, all you have to do to embed Assistant is copy and paste! To use the Custom Code block, your Wix site must be on a paid plan.


  1. Create a new Assistant or navigate to the Installation page of an existing Assistant to retrieve the embed code. Simply click the Copy button to get the code copied to the clipboard. image
  2. Head into the Site Editor in Wix.  Click the Plus sign to add elements to your site, then choose Embed → Marketing Tools → then Custom Code.
  3. Click + Add Custom Code at the top right. Paste the code snippet that you copied at step 1 in the text box. Enter a recognizable name for your code so you can quickly identify it later, and choose if you want it to be added to All pages or selected pages. Choose Body - end under Place Code in Click Apply.
  4. Publish your website, then visit the live site to view your Assistant in all its splendor!