Weebly is a powerful website builder with a lot of great free templates that you can use to show off your site. Assistant is a help widget that lets you add on-demand Docs, chat, and an email contact form to your Weebly site.

If you made and hosted your website on Weebly, it's as easy as copying and pasting to add Assistant.


  1. Create a new Assistant or navigate to the Installation page of an existing Assistant to retrieve the embed code. Simply click the Copy button to get the code copied to the clipboard. image
  2. In Weebly, click on Settings in your navigation menu, then SEO in the left navigation menu.
  3. Scroll down to and paste the Assistant embed code you copied in step 1 into Footer Code
  4. Save and Publish, and you're all set! You'll see Assistant on your Weebly site.