Webflow gives designers the tools they need to make professional, custom websites on a blank canvas without any code. Assistant is a help widget that lets you add on-demand Docs, chat, and an email contact form to your Wix site.

If your Webflow plan has the Embed option, adding Assistant is as easy as copying and pasting.


  1. Create a new Assistant or navigate to the Installation page of an existing Assistant to retrieve the embed code. Simply click the Copy button to get the code copied to the clipboard. image
  2. Open your site in the Webflow designer. Click the + in the left navigation to open the Add Elements screen. Scroll down in that list to the Components section, and click Embed
  3. Paste the Beacon embed code you copied in step 1 into the HTML Embed Code Editor, and click Save & Close at the bottom.
  4. Publish your Webflow site to see the Assistant on your page, and voila! That's it — you've added Live Chat Assistant to your Webflow site!


Widget not showing up, what to do?

Webflow doesn't show the embeds in the designer or preview, but it will appear on the published site.